Thinking, Feeling and Doing. Teaching Emotion Regulation Skills to Children (12)


Cognitive-Behavioral therapy skills have been shown to be extremely effective in helping children to manage impulses and emotions that often lead to maladaptive behaviors and attitudes.  This fun and interactive workshop will help you to learn the skills of emotion regulation through the systematic identification, analysis and changing of thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs to create a more flexible, tolerant and peaceful way to approach life and learning.  Be prepared to be changed for good and have students who do the same!



As a result of taking this 12-hour course, you will be able to:

  1. Discuss powerful methods of emotion regulation for students and yourself.
  2. Identify and help children to identify the differences between situations, feelings, thoughts, and behaviors:  The ABC’s of CBT!
  3. Recognize and help children to identify and uncover the cognitive distortions or thinking errors known to increase strong negative emotional states.
  4. Practice the use of the Socratic method for disputing irrational beliefs.
  5. Learn effective ways to teach these skills to children in both one on one settings or within the classroom.


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